"I am love, I am energy, I am a shining light" 

Louise L Hay affirmation

I Am, Shine

Welcome to Shine, welcome back to balance, vitality, self discovery and peace. Now based in Bangkok, Thailand.


I am Alison.  Nurturing people to feel better, to feel inspired, to reconnect with themselves and to evolve spiritually is my passion.


I have trodden  a conscious spiritual path now for over fifteen years.  I am a Reiki Master, a licensed EFT (tapping) practitioner, an NLP practitioner, a Yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, a licensed Heal Your Life Coach and Heal Your Life Workshop leader, as well as being a qualified Speech Pathologist.  


But before all of this, I Am.










"All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  What we think, we become"



Always sensitive and often fearful as a child, I felt there was a missing truth that I hadn't yet connected with.  Aware of concepts that I didn't have words for and which did not fit with my family's beliefs, I often felt out of step with the world and somehow lost in the dark.  The pain of being unable to connect with my truth was great, especially against the backdrop of a harsh and confusing world.  I was eventually led to the discovery of some basic spiritual concepts whereupon finally I felt the joy of finding my place on the earth. The unfolding of a deepening connection with my true essence and an a interface with the Universe which felt meaningful and purposeful, life began to flow freely and joyfully! I began to rediscover my shine. It is this that I long to share.


It is my privilege to be able to offer a holistic package of healing, therapies, yoga, Life coaching and mentoring to facilitate your physical and spiritual wellbeing and evolution.