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Heal Your Life Workshops

Based on the philosophies of Louise L Hay




These powerful and deep workshops are based on the work of internationally acclaimed author Louise L Hay, as expressed in her book 'You Can Heal Your Life'.  


Loving yourself is the key to healing your life. When you truly love and accept yourself, your life will flourish. These workshops will guide you in exercises to release past conditioning and create your new story and learn to love yourself fully. You will learn how your thoughts create your reality and how you can make changes in old thoughts/feeling patterns to create the life you want now. Using simple techniques you will take a quantum step in self acceptance. Affirmations and visualizations enable you to focus on and empower the new reality you want to create!


These workshops are a life transforming experience which take you through an intense journey of discovery into how you are creating your current reality.  How examining your mental processes and belief systems gives you the consciouness to change your thoughts in the knowledge that positive thoughts create a positive life.


    * Recognise how your thoughts are creating your experience of life

    * Identify destructive beliefs which prevent you from leading a fulfilled and

      abundant life

    * Release negative emotions which block your joy and creativity

    * Accept and love yourself unconditionally

    * Experience a sense of freedom and joy


Participants are skillfully led through a series of powerful exercises designed to identify old and limiting beliefs in order to free themselves and live life consciously, joyfully and abundantly.


Working with all four aspects of the self - Mind, body, emotions and spirit - all the exercises are designed to gently lead participants through a process of transformation to a place of empowerment and freedom.


The workshops involve a number of processes, including meditations, individual and group exercises, creating powerful affirmations and other 'inner work'






"I do not fix things, I fix my thinking and then the problems fix themselves"  Louise L Hay

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