"When you are in harmony with yourself the entire Universe with all of its power and potential begins to flow through you"  Panache Desai


Let your spirit Shine!


Do you long to feel the joy in your life? Do you long to feel really well and full of vitality? Confident and easy with life?  Do you yearn to feel blissful and inspired every day, to see the beauty in everything, to live life with deep sense of self appreciation?  To reconnect with yourself, to be mindful and conscious...to really Shine!

When we are connected, and in alignment within ourselves, we Shine. Wellbeing is our natural state. Shine is about restoring natural order, balance and flow within the body and your life, via energy healing techniques, yoga, Spiritual life coaching, mindfulness and the power of positive, conscious living. Ultimately, aiming to release blocks and limiting beliefs, restore a sense of self connection and appreciation, towards the restoration of wellbeing and vitality. Cultivating a conscious, positive and peaceful mind. Allowing you to fully connect with the richness of life.


The renewal of mind, body and spirit, nurturing conscious creation of a life you truly love!


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"Messages from the Mat" & 

"Messages from the Heart"

Yoga Affirmation cards



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