"People start to heal the moment they feel heard" Cheryl Richardson

Life Coaching

Life Coaching supports you in making positive and sustainable life changes in all areas of of your life, including career, relationships, money, health, self confidence and time management.  Enabling you to connect with the richness and joy of life. 

A life coach is your ally and supporter, in a partnership where you are the expert and creator of your own dreams.  Honouring your own inherent inner wisdom and enabling you to connect with your truth.  Helping you to consciously create your life, your visions and goals.

Life coaching is an emotional journey, in which you will deepen your self awareness, identify limiting beliefs and blocks, and define a clear path towards creating a life you love.

Fostering the understanding that you are already whole and complete and YOU are in possession of the answers to all your questions in life. Your coach is a guide, supporter, enabler and facilitator.  YOU are the creator!







* Increase your wellbeing

* Connect with your dreams and life goals

* Deepen a positive life perspective

* Savour your current life in the pursuit of meaningful lasting happiness


Shine coaching is underpinned with the philosophies of Louise Hay, with a primary focus on developing a strong and positive relationship with the most important person in your life - Yourself.  Learning to fully love, accept and trust Yourself is integral to creating a positive and fulfilled life.

Incorporating powerful techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP, hypnotherapy and spiritual philosophy, Shine coaching provides a truly holistic approach to coaching, enabling you to freely create a life you love.