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"People start to heal the moment they feel heard" Cheryl Richardson

Holistic Coaching

Shine coaching incorporates the powerful techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and spiritual & yoga philosophies, providing a truly holistic approach to coaching. Enabling you to fiercely reclaim your most empowered self.

Empowerment through Connection

Shine coaching is an emotional journey, in which you will deepen your connection with your self, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Your power lies in your connection!


Self connection allows you to identify your values, motivations, visions and purpose. Get to know what moves you and floats your lotus! 


Connection with mind allows you to step into the driving seat as a creator of your reality, with aligned thought and focused intention.  Busting limiting beliefs and blocks, leaves you free to define a clear path towards creating an empowered life you love.


Connection with body allows you to come to presence and acceptance.  Understanding the messages of the body, begins the process of the release stored traumas and patterns, and begins the journey of connection with the power of emotion.  


Connection with Spirit puts everything into its divine energetic quantum context.  Finding alignment gives you greatest power!  Understand how the Universe works and using divine principles to manifest your vision in the field.

Ultimately enabling you to connect with the richness and joy of life. 





Coaching supports you to make empowered, aligned and sustainable life changes in all areas of your life, including career, relationships, money, health, self confidence and time management. 

A life coach is your ally and supporter, in a partnership where you are the expert and creator of your own dreams.  Honouring your own inherent inner wisdom and enabling you to connect with your truth.  Helping you to consciously create your life, your visions and goals.

Fostering the understanding that you are already whole and complete and YOU are in possession of the answers to all your questions in life. Your coach is a guide, supporter, enabler and facilitator.  YOU are the creator!


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* Connect with yourself, mind, body, spirit and your emotions.

* Move into empowerment through connection

* Define your dreams, purpose and life goals

* Increase your wellbeing

* Deepen a positive and effective perspective

* Savour your current life in the pursuit of meaningful lasting happiness




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