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We all need a little support on our journey, a compass when we lose our way. A reminder of our power, possibility and creative potential.  

This is how Shine affirmation cards were born.  What do you most need to hear today? What message does the Universe long for you to know right now?

Messages from the Mat - Yoga Affirmation Cards

A deck of 48 affirmation cards.


Messages from the Mat Affirmation Cards perfectly support your yoga practise and the cultivation of a positive, joyful life. Bringing the power of positive thought into your practise and your life.


Each card features an uplifting affirmation coupled with a yoga posture. Use them to connect to the energy of your practise, to connect with the energy of your heart and to allow you to tap into your innate power as a realtor of your own experience.


Wishing you joy, peace and connection on your journey. Namaste

650 Thai Baht

24.50 AUD

14.50 GBP

18.90 USD

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Messages from the Heart - Yoga Affirmation Cards A deck of 52 affirmation cards


Sometimes you just need to be reminded of how awesome you really are...

The second in the series and designed with teens and pre-teens in mind, Messages from the Heart affirmation cards are a reminder of your inner awesomeness during a phase in life where a little extra positivity and support is often welcomed.


Given that our thoughts make such a difference to our lives, it's probably better we choose some fabulous ones!

Each card features an uplifting affirmation and thought inspiring enquiry, coupled with a yoga pose. Use them to uplift your thinking, and energise and connect with your body in a positive and inspiring way.

650 Thai Baht

24.50 AUD

14.50 GBP

18.90 USD

Yoga Affirmation cards can be purchased via email and payments made via bank transfer or PayPal.

Please clearly specify which set you would like to purchase and how many boxes. 
A PayPal invoice will be sent to you. Please note the cost of shipping/packaging will be added to the invoice.

Price: 650 Thai Baht / 24.50 AUD / 14.50 GBP / 18.90 USD + Postage and packaging (See below)

FREE delivery in Bangkok area.

Postage and Packaging:
UK / Australia / NZ: 5.50 GBP / 9.50 AUD 
India: 565 INR
USA: 8.75 USD

Cards can be shipped internationally, please contact for quote.
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