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Shine Invites you....


Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring

Yoga is so much more than just poses, Reiki is so much more than physical healing.  Both are a way of life, a connection of mind, body and spirit, the nurture of spirit and the consciousness of self creation.


We often get lost in day to day tasks, reactive to crisis upon crisis, feeling like we are drowning in circumstance, like we have no control over what happens to us and never having the time or the inclination to connect in with ourselves, let alone achieving any connection at a higher level.  


By integrating life coaching, yogic techniques, EFT/tapping, NLP techniques, Reiki principles, and incorporating a diverse range of spiritual tools, including mindfulness, affirmations and visualization, I can assist you in developing a daily practise aimed towards successful and inspired living, self awareness, healing and clearing; allowing you to discover your true potential, to feel guided, to move through life blissfully and with a higher perspective.  To truly love yourself and love your life!


Life coaching and spiritual mentoring provides you with a 'tool kit' of techniques and practices for coping with challenges of all kinds, uncovering and dissolving blocks to success, manifesting desires, managing relationships, self healing, time management, managing thoughts and feelings and creating a joyful existance.


I am a Licensed 'Heal Your Life' life coach and have a wealth of experience in the area of personal spiritual practise and study, coupled with strong links with other similar practitioners.


Consultation will enable you to find clarity, isolate limiting beliefs and behaviours, break free from unfounded fears, identify flawed life premises and explore and make positive steps towards your aspirations and life purpose.  Leaving you free to purposefully create a life of your highest choice, where you are the best that you can be, living a life you love.




Enhance your wellbeing and your life.  Come back to balance and connection with yourself.


Shine offers individual Reiki sessions one on one with an experienced Reiki Master.  Sessions typically last 90 minutes and includes intuited energy reading and coaching to support you beyond the treatment room.


Distance sessions can also be arranged, with or without phone or video link. 


Reiki is a wonderful gift for life, it is my privilege to be able to share it.


* Reiki courses and Attunements for Reiki levels 1, 2, Advanced level  and Mastership can be arranged on request via email.  






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Crystal Therapy & Chakra balancing

When we are balanced, our life flows freely.  We truly step into the flow of infinite possibilities and live!


With the help of the healing power of crystals, bring everything back into balance with a 30 minute Chakra Balance session.  Achieve deep relaxation and feel revitalised and rejuvenated.  A chakra balance can also be done in conjunction with a full Reiki session.


Appointments arranged on request by email.

Heal Your Life


These 2 day workshops are a life transforming experience which take you through an intense journey of discovery into how limiting mindsets and thoughts create your reality. How examining your mental processes gives you the consciouness to change your thoughts in the knowledge that positive thoughts create a positive life.


    * Recognise how your thoughts are creating your

       experience of life


    * Identify destructive beliefs which prevent you from

       leading a fulfilled and abundant life


    * Release negative emotions which block your joy and



    * Accept and love yourself unconditionally


    * Experience a sense of freedom and joy


Participants are skillfully led through a series of powerful exercises designed to identify old and limiting beliefs in order to free themselves and live life consciously, joyfully and abundantly.


Working with all four aspects of the self - Mind, body, emotions and spirit - all the exercises are designed to gently lead participants through a process of transformation to a place of empowerment and freedom.


The workshops involve a number of processes, including meditations, individual and group exercises, creating powerful affirmations and other 'inner work'



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