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"Let your heart guide you. It whispers so you will have to listen carefully"  

Shine From the Heart...

Donna Emson

5 Sep 2013

"Thank you Alison and Shine for my first ever Reiki experience.  Totally was fab!  In fact I think it was magic!!! xxx"

"A wonderfully relaxing and insightful experience.  Calmly and peacefully I was transported to a place of inner tranquility and openness.  I can highly recommend Ali's Reiki practice."

Tricia Gray

23 Sep 2013

Arpasara Foojant

24 Sep 2013

"I felt good energy and calm the inner me"

"You showed me a new world!"

Rosaly Jansen

25 Sep 2013

Emel Duff

25 Sep 2013

"Take a safe and trustworthy step to bring positivity and healing to yourself with Ali's warmth and positive energy Reiki session.  With her gentle guide I'm honoured to walk through the pathway of Reiki.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help Ali. xxx"

"Hi Ali just wanted to thank you for today. I found that I really enjoyed your class. And thanks for a hug too x

Sarah Daly

10 March 2014

Karen Brent

9 May 2014

"Felt somewhat awesome yesterday after yoga.  Haven't felt like that post yoga since Beijing days...  energised, calm and just plain happy. FYI.   I'll be back."

"You are a wonderful healer, your calmness and voice can instantly get the person into a state of peace."



19 October 2014

Manisha Chadda

19 October 2014

"Alison's voice has the most incredible healing power.  It is like a soft gentle touch which takes you into a deep meditative state of being.  Her calming energy are resonant through the workshop and you come away with so many negative thoughts already changed!  thank you Alison!

"Very calming and beautiful workshop.  It was a very healing experience.  I felt completely centred within myself.  Thank you Alison!!"

Parul Atolia

19 October 2014

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