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EFT (Tapping)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping is a gentle, yet powerful technique which can bring about the release of troublesome thoughts, behaviours, feelings and limiting beliefs that can maintain a state of anxiety and stress.

EFT is a form of psychological acupressure which balances the energy system and brings relief to psychological stress and physical symptoms.  It taps into specific meridian points which allow the brain and body to relax, enabling clearer thinking and in the absence of emotional stress the body is given the space for optimum natural healing. EFT can be considered akin to acupuncture without needles.


The basic Tapping process is easy to learn and can be used to provide relief with any challenging issues which may arise. 

EFT is so gentle it can be used in cases of severe trauma and can even be effective without the issue needing to be directly discussed. I am a trauma informed and trained EFT tapping practitioner.


EFT tapping can be used to address: 

* General stress and anxiety 

* Fears and phobias

* Depression


* Limiting beliefs

* Physical pain and physical


* Emotional issues

* Grief related issues

* Panic

* Allergies and asthma

* Self esteem issues

* Cravings and addictions

* Relationship challenges

* Exam preparation

* Interview preparation

* Anger

* Guilt

* Issues relating to abuse

* Confidence

* Chronic conditions

* Insomnia

Negative thinking

* Weight related issues

* Issues of decisiveness

* Perfectionism


* Procrastination

Book a FREE intro session

For more information about how EFT could help you, or to book a FREE 40 minute introductory session click below.


Book a FREE intro session

* IMPORTANT: Please note that while EFT has produced sound clinical results, it cannot be substituted for appropriate medical treatment where indicated. Shine is not a licensed health practice and offers EFT as a personal performance coach. Please consult qualified health professionals before commencing EFT.

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